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no-man is a British duo formed in 1987 by Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson.

The name no-man was adopted in 1990 and first used on the self-released June 1990 single release, Colours.

Originally creating a sample-based proto-trip hop / ambient styled music, no-man’s sound has become more organic, eclectic and band-oriented in subsequent years.

On labels such as One Little Indian, Sony, Adasam and Kscope, the band has so far produced six studio albums and a number of singles / outtakes collections, most notably, 2006's career retrospective, All The Blue Changes.

no-man's most recent studio album, Schoolyard Ghosts was released in May 2008 and received some of the most favourable reviews of the band's career (being described as "truly sublime" by Classic rock magazine).

Mixtaped - a double DVD package including a film of the band's sell- out London performance in 2008, a career profiling documentary and assorted promotional videos - was released in October 2009.

Press quotes

"Conceivably the most important English group since The Smiths..."
Melody Maker

"Can easily be measured with the best work of similarly unclassifiable acts like Japan and Talk Talk..."
OOR Magazine

"The power of great pop."

"It's hard to say why they affect me this way - the biting melodies? The sheer bliss of the arrangements? the way you simply can never tell where a track is going until it's already gone and you can only just sit there smiling while a shiver runs up yer spine? God knows. All I know is I love them and they deserve so much more recognition than they've achieved to date."
The Beat Factory

"Trippy tunes mingling with deliciously black humour are the fare here. Bowness and Wilson see the world through dark lenses coated with juxtaposition and irony... Like a chameleon changing colors, no-man transforms itself into a different band in each song with natural ease."

"no-man's landscape is one of tenderly stroked violins, breathy passions, subdued disco beats, art, death, empty shags in suburban railway stations, decaying English stately homes and grandiose waltzes accompanied by the lonely ghost of 'Stranded'-era Roxy Music. And it is very, very wonderful."
Melody Maker

"no-man's land isn't just wild (opera) at heart, it's also very fucking weird on top, and you should go and buy it. Now."
Hot Press

"Just as their name implies, they make music that floats towards a place where core identities dissolve."
The Wire

"Talented dream popsters weaving whispered vocals, violins, funky guitars, synths and dancebeats into some of the most sexy, summery, thoughtful and exotic tunes that ever nibbled your ear."
Big Issue

"Euphorically and elegaically, no-man are incapable of making a duff record."
Melody Maker

"A group that soar arrogantly and gracefully over musical boundaries as naturally as breathing." Progress

"Essential listening for anyone interested in the possible futures of new music where all boundaries dissolve in a pure love of sound."

"Britain's most underrated sorrowful sonic architects."

"Jaw -droppingly gorgeous... Unmistakably genius, unmistakably no-man."
The Artist Shop

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